A Brief Story about Our Journey

About Us

In 2003, we didn’t know we were setting out on a journey. We were a very small group with a big idea: Offer a three-day all youth Dressage competition to encourage more youth participation in Dressage. The question was, if we build it, will they come? So, in 2004, we started with a name, a mission statement, a logo, a location, and a date for the first Rising Stars Youth Dressage and Hack Show. And come they did!

For 14 years, the Rising Stars show became much more than a competition. Sportsmanship, education sessions, camaraderie, fair play, fun activities, and sponsorship have become the hallmark of the Rising Stars experience.
Then in 2015, we stepped into the world of Dressage youth development by creating the Rising Stars Equitation program. It was a pivotal moment because within two years the program was being offered at competitions across the country and that changed where we focused our attention.

In 2019, Equestrian Canada recognized the Rising Stars Equitation program as a Dressage youth development program.

When we temporarily paused our activities during the 2 covid years, we did not pause the work we do behind the scenes. This included streamlining and updating our programs and website content. We also continued to do more groundwork to grow the program throughout the provinces.

Now in 2022, we are ready and excited to reconnect with Rising Stars Youth Dressage riders.

Whether you are a youth dressage rider, a show organizer, judge, or coach, we invite you to join us as we continue on our journey…. please visit our resource pages to explore the possibilities.

Or contact Rising Stars Youth Dressage co-chairs:

Wendy Christoff: wkchristoff@gmail.com

Sue Holtby: rivndell@smartt.email

Rising Stars Youth Dressage

Our Mission Statement

To provide youth riders,21 years and under, the opportunity to participate in a dressage competition that is exclusively their own, in an environment that provides a fair playing field for youth riders of different age groups wherein each will compete against their peer group at all levels of skill, from beginners to advanced.



Words from Our Riders


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Everything you need


Here you will find the resources you need to offer the Rising Stars Youth Dressage Equitation program at your show.  Additional resources such as a sample program and prize list are for shows that want to offer the larger format RSYD division which would include the equitation program.